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Starbound Cheerleading is a brand new All Star Cheerleading club based in Nottingham, for people of ALL ages and abilities. 

I offer recreational classes, after school clubs, fitness, flexibility & tumbling classes and private coaching for individuals as well as teams.  I will also be putting together our first competitive squad very soon, so watch this space! 

No tryouts necessary, and classes are kept to a reasonably small size so everyone has a chance to shine! 


We are currently based in Arnold within the BKS Martial Arts & Fitness Building. 


I am a former competitive cheerleader who found her love for Cheerleading at university at the age of 19. I loved it so much and would spend more time training than working on my degree! In my final year, I began teaching classes in a secondary school on their lunch breaks, alongside our squad captain. The kids absolutely loved it too, and our classes were always full. But, after 4 years of cheering competitively and winning cheerleader of the year for my dedication, my time at university was over and unfortunately, so was my time as a competetive cheerleader.


But anyone who's ever been a cheerleader will tell you, it never leaves you! Although I no longer had a squad, my love for the sport never went away. I wanted to teach others the skills and joy of cheerleading.  I even started to put together a business plan, but without the money or resources I needed at the time, it was left aside.  Little did I know it was the beginning of an idea that would eventually become my world! 

So off I went in to the world of adulthood...I was able to coach a few Cheerleading classes, but nothing that I could make a living from. So I found myself a full time 9 to 5 office job and settled in to adult life, accepting that my dream of making cheerleading my full time career was probably never going to come true. 

Fast forward a few years, and I've got myself a partner, my own place and even a cat! You could say I settled into adult life fairly well. I  went through a few jobs. I even ran a business for a few years, but unfortunately that didn't work out either. So there I was, 31 years old and still trying to work out what my calling was in life, was I too old now? Perhaps I had missed my chance.

That summer, I had some time off to think about my options. I sat and talked it over with my partner many times. I knew I should probably just go back to office work, but I just didnt feel quite ready to give up on myself just yet. That's when, sitting at a local festival in the sun, my partner said it - "What about Cheerleading?" And there it was, my spark. I hadnt had the chance before as I was on my own and had my rent and bills to worry about. Now I was in a situation where my partner and I could live comfortably on only one wage while I built a business from scratch, we had done for a while already. And with that, I was back. I began saving some money for start up costs, got re-qualified, and Starbound Cheerleading was officially born!

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