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Member's Space Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are to be followed in line with our Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use 

The Member's Space was created as a way for our club members to gain access to information that is for our member's only.  

Members agree that they will not 

  • Share their log-in information with non-members

  • Reproduce any of the information received as part of their membership and/or share it with non-members

  • Post inappropriate, inaccurate or offensive content to membership forums and discussions

Videos and images 

Any videos or images made available through the Member's Space  belong to Starbound Cheerleading and must not be copied or shared by members on any social media, website or other public forum without written consent from Starbound Cheerleading. If Starbound Cheerleading uses these images/videos for promotional material such as social media, members may share Starbound Cheerleading's posts . 

Ending Membership

A member can request to leave the Member's Space at any time. This means access to their account and members only information, as well as any personal information stored on their account will be removed.

Access to the Members Space will be terminated if a member decides to leave Starbound Cheerleading, or is found to have acted in a way that is not in line with our terms & conditions. 

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